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엘레베이션 워십 (Elevation Worship) - Only King Forever (LIVE)

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엘레베이션 워십 (Elevation Worship)팀은 2006년 설립된 엘리베이션처치(Elevation Church)의 위십팀으로 시작했다.


Our God, a firm foundation
Our rock, the only solid ground
As nations rise and fall
Kingdoms once strong now shaken
But we trust forever in your name
The name of Jesus
We trust the name of Jesus

You are the only King forever
Almighty God we lift you higher
You are the only King forever
Forevermore, you are victorious

Unmatched in all your wisdom
In love and justice you will reign
Every knee will bow
We bring our expectations
Our hope is anchored in your name
The name of Jesus
We trust the name of Jesus

We lift our banner high
We lift the name of Jesus
From age to age you reign
Your kingdom has no end

"Only King Forever", recorded live at Elevation Blakeney in Charlotte, NC, is now available on iTunes:

Check out free lyrics and chords, loops, tutorials, and more from "Only King Forever":

엘리베이션처치는 아웃리치 매거진 선정 미국에서 가장 빨리 성장하고 있는 100개 교회 중 한 곳이다. 퍼틱 목사와 아내 홀리, 그리고 다른 7 가족들을 창립멤버로 해 2006년 설립됐으며, 노스캐롤라이나 지역에 14개 캠퍼스 처치를 두고 있고, 성도수는 1만 5천명 이상이다.

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